Lee Cander
December, 2013

I had always been over weight since a young age, I reached my heaviest whilst in university 19 stone (266 lbs) at 5’11”. One day I woke up and nearly tripled over because I was so heavy. I would find a short walk to the shop a difficult task and I took a big look at myself and realized I just wasn't happy and wasn't in control.


I knew I needed a change but knew nothing about weight loss, training, body composition or nutrition.... nothing. So I searched YouTube and that is when I found Scott Herman. It was his advice that helped piece together my first meal plans and workouts. I began to see progress which made me feel in control for the first time in a long time and more confident. I was also going through a break up at the time and getting into fitness also gave me something to strive towards. Weeks of good habits and choices turned into months and then to years and my weight went from 19 stone (266lbs) to 12 stone (168lbs).

There is such a plethora of information available on fitness and it’s easy to get caught up in debate, but don't sit there reading and letting the gym grow dusty. All we can do is the best we can day in and day out and the more you try and strive towards your best the more you will learn about your body! At first I did a lot of marital arts training, circuits, etc. However, once I lost a lot of body fat, gaining muscle became more important to me. I started favoring more hypertrophy based workouts and HIIT and as time went on I got leaner, more muscular and the workouts increased from 3 times a week to 4 and now 5. I try to hit each body part two times in 8 days, I also use a mix of strength training and more hypertrophy style so I gain strength and size.


I stay motivated in a few different ways. Prior to the gym I find watching people train gets me in the mood so I'll watch an inspirational gym video of Scott Herman or something similar. Looking in a mirror and visualizing where I was and what I want to be also helps. Sometimes I will focus on how I used to be bullied a lot and that can get me really fired up because I feel like my weakness (being overweight) has turned into my strength. I feel like the more I change the greater my potential is to keep reaching new heights. If I did this in 3 years, what will I look like in another 5? Another way I visualize my goals is picturing myself looking as close to a superhero as I can because I'm a huge nerd and ironically I did my dissertation on philosophy of will!


I managed to turn my life around, become more confident, got the awesome girl, graduated, and now have a job and pace to live. My final goal is to obtain a physique worthy of competing in a fitness show, or fitness modeling. I'm still a few years away from that, but I have the time and the will to make it happen!

jmboiardi I vote Simen Almas to be Hermanite of the Decade
· 6 months ago

I agree man, Simen has been through A LOT and his story is really inspiring.

· 6 months ago

I read the story and completely agree, it was very touching and motivational!

· 3 weeks ago
jmboiardi Holy Shit! To all the winners of this award, you guys look great. Awesome job!
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